Can anybody suggest a good control strain for thrash assay? Thanks

I am doing thrash assay, I need control worms, any strains that already known have more or less thrashes than N2 worms

a good thrashing (assay) is more of an art than a science (or so my maths teacher at school used to tell me) and human ‘error’ tends to blur the boundaries between strains that are vigorus thrashers such as those carrying acr13, the average thrasher (N2) and, hello is it still moving (unc-29).

What’s wrong with using N2 as your baseline?

Thank you, Steve. We are developing a method to count the thrash instead of manual count. It is better to include more controls . we will use N2 as our baseline for sure.

then you have already read through this paper;

I guess a central question would be whether you can better their approach rather than just adopting it?


Thank you, Steve, I have already ordered some strains described in this paper