Can anyone finger this dude?

From my description, (now, the late) Dr. Dugald Matheson suggested this would be a nematode -
Very similar in colour, size and shape to a Cockchafer larva, but having the mandibles arranged in vertical, parrot-like, configuration, rather than operating horizontally as with insect larva. Nothing like it in appearance found in the library or on the Internet so far. (Ontario, Canada). To what species (specimen found in rotted wood) does this likely belong? Can anyone help?
Sorry, no photograph available.

The people reading this forum are mostly experts in the cell, developmental, neuro, or molecular biology of one particular nematode species, C. elegans, so it’s fairly unlikely we’d be able to identify another nematode even from a picture; it’s extremely unlikely we’d be able to identify a nematode species from a brief description.

Still, if I google images of the Cockchafer larva, I get pictures of something that couldn’t possibly be confused for any sort of nematode I can recall seeing pictures, diagrams, or descriptions of (not that I’m a nematologist). The Cockchafer larva has limbs! Have I misunderstood what you’re asking about?