Can the worms eat and digest homogenized plant material?

I would like to feed the worm with several whole-fruit homogenates (first deep freezing of the fruit in liquid nitrogen
and then destroy the tissue with a speed mill).
Do they eat and digest this fruit homogenate when I add it to the bacterial lawn?
And are they able to destroy the cell walls of plants, if they are still intact after the speed mill step??

Thanks a lot for your help!

i regularly use juice of plant material for my study and i do find that they ingest it. I have indirect evidence (not a strong one though) that they digest it too, as i see an phenotypic effect with juice. there is a simple method to test whether the worms are ingesting fruit homogenate. You can prepare a worm lysate fed on the fruit homogenate and do an HPLC for one of the marker compounds (Eg: Ascorbic acid in Orange juice). To check if it is digested you can always work out the pathway (if known) of the marker compound and try detecting post digestive metabolite of the marker compound in the worm lysate.