Capturing image of animals and adding them to power point slides

Please I need suggestions on how I can add captured images of the nematodes to MS Power Point slides. I use an olympus sxz9 microscope to capture their images.

Your Olympus sxz9 microscope could have any of a wide range of cameras attached, which could in turn be controlled by any of a variety of software packages. Using whatever software package you have, generate the image you want to use and export it to a standard graphics format - look in Powerpoint to see what types of images it prefers, then use “insert picture”. Remember that your presentation will probably load more easily if you use a compressed image format like JPG, if your image software can make that (if it doesn’t, you may be able to import the image into a graphics program and export it again; such a compressed format is not appropriate for a manuscript, but fine for an LCD projector).

just to be clear, you say you ‘use’ the dissecting microscope to capture images? Or do you mean you ‘could’ use the dissecting microscope to capture images if you had a camera?

If the former is true then someone in your lab must have already done what you are asking about (image file format). If it’s the latter, then your question relates more to what might be used (camera)?

As Hillel says (perhaps I should have a hot key for that phrase?), aside from the the numerous software/camera combinations you might have, for a lab talk simple jpegs are fine if they are taken carefully. You can even use a smartphone!

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions WormGurus Hillelschwartz and Steveh. Indeed a camera is already attached to the microscope which we use for capturing the images of the nematodes and the infinity analyze software is used in combination with the camera.

it tells you which formats you can capture images with in the Infinity Capture manual…and which formats PowerPoint accepts is all over the web.