CB4856 Hawaiian genomic DNA sequence download site?

I’m looking for a site where I can download the assembled CB4856 (Hawaiian) genomic DNA sequence for each chromosome. I would like to directly compare my N2 sequence to HI to find SNPs. It is cumbersome to assemble my sequence into the cosmid contigs that match those used on Wormbase and the WashU SNP site.

Does anyone know if the CB4856 sequence is available anywhere for download?


Tim Kroft

Plasterk has published all the SNPs (available here: http://genome.wustl.edu/genome/celegans/celegans_snp.cgi)

batch sequence data can be downloaded from that address. alternatively you can browse chromosomal regions and see the physical location and type of sequence change between N2.

as for raw sequence data, I know the Exelexis data was submitted to NCBI (reference). I would assume the WUSTL sequence data is available there as well.