CC vector graphics for C. elegans nervous system?


I was wondering if there were vector graphics (e.g. Illustrator) for the C. elegans nervous system available, hopefully via Creative Commons license? I want to be able to add/subtract/color neurons / synapses / processes, and it would be great if someone had already done this already, ideally with each neuron a layer or some-such. Does anyone know if such a resource is available? 2D or 3D would be fine. I see all these great figures in Hobert lab papers, and I just wish we all didn’t have to duplicate the effort.

-Kevin Collins.

Have you tried playing with the OpenWorm 3D model?

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Figures on WormAtlas, including individual neuron graphics, are available to the community upon request as layered files. Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes, that would be very convenient! Is there a specific site where I can download?

We’re working on that. Right now, if there are specific ones you need shoot me an email and I’ll get you access.

Thank you! It’s probably a lot of individual files, as I was hoping to generating complex images for several genes based on reported gene expression in the CeNGEN dataset. It might be easier to just wait!

I did start working with the Blender WormAtlas files which allow me to turn on and off individual neurons, which is also a really great resource. The only issue is learning how cameras work and all that. The dataset probably also doesn’t benefit from newest EM data on processes and synaptic zones. If there was a whole-worm resource where each neuron (or pair), cell body vs. axon/dendrite, was a ON/OFF selectable layer, that would be amazing. I’m not sure how much use it would get beyond a few specialized applications and users, so it may not be worth it to the broader community.