Centrosome marker

Dear all,
I need to stain the centrosomes in early c.elegans embryonic divisions, fixed material. I am not being able to find an antibody that works. Any suggestion? Anyone tried with a different organism antibody that might work in elegans as well?
Thanks in advance.

You could ask the corresponding author of C. elegans papers that generated antibodies against centrosome proteins for an aliquot. Look for the original papers for proteins such as SAS-4, SPD-5, SPD-2 as a starting point.

I have not used it, but Mike Nonet’s lab developed several monoclonal antibodies for worm proteins and deposited the hybridomas in the DHSB as a renewable resource. One of those antibodies is against TAC-1, a core component of the centrosome.

In addition, the labs that study centrosomes may also know of a commercial antibody that works. You can ask them when you write requesting an aliquot of an antibody they generated if you don’t get a reply on this forum with that information.

Good luck,