CGC strain shipments to Europe

Dear Worm researchers (in particular in Europe),
we recently experience difficulties with distribution/shipments of strains from the CGC. The problems are associated with an altered policy in Europe, requiring taxation of goods sent from outside the EU even if the tax rate is minimal. The consequences are that DHL or other mail distributors charge not only the tax, but also the collection and handling of the taxation, which typically exceeds the tax rate by factors of 10+.
Therefore, my question is:
What is your experience with CGC shipments to Europe?
Is there a way to avoid this annoying taxation for a non-commercial research product like a worm strain? It is not just the taxation that annoys us, but the delay in distribution of strains as a result of DHL/FEDEX preparing the paperwork - and this typically also involves as a consequence veterinary inspection (which costs an additional 200 US Dollars). We nowadays get strains only 2-3 weeks after entering the EU borders.
Do you have any suggestions for us?

Thanks for your comments.
Ralf Baumeister

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