cheaper cholesterol?

Has anyone tried making NGM plates with ‘lower purity’ cholesterol products?
For example, Sigma product C8503 (“cholesterol from sheep wool, >92.5%”) is only $80/100g (vs. ~$800/100g for the >99% version, C8667).
And/or more generally, which specific cholesterol is considered the “standard”?
Based on the titles of papers like the one below, I’m concerned it might matter:

er, how many NGM plates are you thinking of making then?

By my reckoning, given it is still the time of celebration and so I might not be as sharp as usual, but @ 5mg per 1L NGM, you could make 200L of NGM from 1g of cholesterol :o

Not sure what the link was supposed to instil, but unless you are interested in cholesterol metabolism what’s the beef (or mutton) here? Take home message…Don’t buy 100g!


Thanks for the reality check!
I guess I was just struck by the order of magnitude cost difference (regardless of actual final cost) and wondered whether anyone knew if there was a point to paying that much more for “99% pure.”
But really, as you say, $41.20 for 1g of 99%, vs. $28.70 for 50g of 95%, doesn’t make much difference if I’ll never even use up the 1g supply. More a matter of principle - I don’t like overpaying for something that’s overkill.

if it’s any consolation, we’ve used 95% cholesterol for a number of years and the worms are fine…