Chemotaxis Assay

Hello everyone. We are currently conducting some chemotaxis assays.
Usually we used L4 worms for the assays, but sometimes the time frame extended and the worms grew to gravid.
Thus, can we use gravid worms for chemotaxis assays?
And also, in case some of the eggs hatched and washed into the chemotaxis plate, the small worms should be excluded from worm counting is it?
Thank you for the advice and guidance. :slight_smile:

I recommend sticking with only one stage for assaying any particular behavior.
I do not know that adults and L4s respond differently to any specific chemicals.
But I do know that their rates of movement differ (which would confound any assay).
You should not include β€œnew” worms in your counts, since L1s have fewer neurons than older worms.

Hi YuuYee.

Can you be more specific with your experiment? like how long is your assay?
You cant have your results taken with L4 and gravid worms. Or you can record separate data.
Better start, early L4, and complete the experiment, before they reach adulthood.
And definitely, exclude your L1 data from it.

We did the assay for one hour, and recorded results only for L4 when the worms were not completely synchronized (mixture of L4 and adults).
Thank you for the input :slight_smile: