Citation of worm anatomy

Originally posted on WormAtlas by “mic”, on October 19, 2005

Hi, for my pHD thesis i have to find a citation about worm anatomy in general. I am not allowed to citate the worm book (article of White). Do you know a review or original article, I failed to find one. Please help me!

Originally posted on WormAtlas by “hall”, on October 20, 2005

I do not quite understand why you cannot cite a book or a book chapter. Certainly Wormbook I had a useful summary chapter by John White regarding C. elegans anatomy in 1988. Whole books devoted to nematode anatomy come to mind, including Chitwood and Chitwood (1950) and Bird and Bird (1991). We have listed a number of the “classic” references - look in the Worm Atlas Handbook section marked “references”; far right column of the Handbook’s opening page. Of course there are hundreds of journal articles devoted to particular portions of the anatomy. We cite many of them within the WormAtlas Handbook, so they should not be too hard to locate.

If you click on any of the highlighted references there, more information will come up quickly from the WormBase Textpresso archives to give you full citations for each article.

Good luck.

David Hall