close genes

The following pairs of genes have coding sequences which have extremely small intergenic gaps.
In some cases work has been done to verify them, but at least one pair is highly dubious.
Are they real?

F22G12.7 F22G12.8
C18F10.5 T12A2.12
T05G5.12 T05G5.11


A comment on T05G5.12, which is named now dao-6.
In WormBase at this point in time, annotations still list similarity to various homeobox genes. A new blast
shows that this is not true, there is no signficiant similarity. Blast does detect some non-significant similarities to various
proteins, not only homeobox proteins, most likely due to enrichment in particular amino acids such as S, T, Q.
So, that annotation of T05G5.12/dao-6 should be fixed.