coding transcript sequence different from sequencing results

Our lab is trying to amplify the unc-43t isoform. When we amplified from our cDNA, we found a sequence that mostly matches the coding transcript for unc-43t except it’s missing the entire exon 3. Did we find a new isoform or is it possible that the sequence for isoform t is wrong?

Thanks for your response

unc-43, isoform t is based on the cDNA transcript with the accession number D69486, which confirms the first six exons of this isoform.

You are very likely to have found a new isoform.

Could you please submit this and any other cDNA sequences you have to GenBank or EMBL? The sequences will then be automatically added to our database. This enables us to improve our curation of the genes and provides evidence for their structure.

Gary Williams