commercial antibody for worm western internal control?

Hi worm breeders,
I’d like to set a internal control in my worm western experiments. Can you recommend any commercial antibody for internal control?

Even better than commercial: the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank has a great alpha-tubulin antibody. Best I’ve found so far. Get the supernatant at $35 for 1 ml. I generally use at 1:2000

I’ve also got anti-Myc, anti-GST, anti-GFP antibodies from the DSHB that worked well.

Thanks a lot!

Could you tell me which anti-GFP from DSHB worked for your westerns. We have tried several in the past which gave a lot of non specificity.

Hmmm, looked back in my records and the blot that I was thinking of used the AbCam ab290 ChIP grade rabbit polyclonal antibody. I have the DSHB ChIP grade antibody 12A6 and only tried it on one western. I didn’t see anything (so clean :slight_smile: but need to try repeating it. If it works, will certainly post.

My experience, none of the anti-GFP antibody gives satisifiying results. You need a precise molecular marker or proper control when you perform anti-GFP western in worms.