Commercial Yeast 2 hybrid cDNA library


We’d like to run some Y2H screens, and could use advice on libraries. I see that OriGene and Dualsystems offer libraries. In the past, I had success with Invitrogen (but I can no longer find it in their catalog). Can anyone comment on libraries, or suggest a library synthesis kit?


Hi Keith,

I have not used the invitrogen library, but did you look in the online Life Technologies (Invitrogen included) catalogue then? They have custom (Invitrogen) libraries hidden in a side menu. One of which is for C. elegans…



Hi Steve,

I called and they no longer carry the C. elegans library.


With the risk that this post will drop off the end of the list into oblivion and, because the answer to Keith’s original question will be of use to the worm community, I have dug up some commercially available libraries for forum members to comment on.

I have found the following (but not checked whether they are currently available);

From Dualsystems Biotech:

From MoBiTec:

From Amsbio:

But really, this is just to bump the mail for those that use such tools regularly…it could be that they

  1. do not exist now.
  2. are not suitable.
  3. are too expensive.

so answers on a postcard please.


Note also several old threads on this topic (1, 2, 3) that may offer useful leads.