Confused by the discrepancy between StatView and GraphPad analysis

Dear all,

I am currently doing some survival assays where i will have to assess the efficacy of the drug treatment given to the worms.
So i have tried using StatView and GraphPad software. But i noticed that, the significant test result from both software are somehow different, which confused me totally.
Allow me to put it simpler here – the Statview revealed that the 200uM drug treatment is not significant different compared to control group; while Graphpad tells it is significant different!

Which one should i believe in then…??
this is bothering me as i am currently using mutant worms hoping to look for the drug target. The significant test of course is going to play a major twist and i do not wish that i made the wrong move.

I have attached along the raw data and analysis files (GraphPad, Statview) if you may help to.

Thanks. Appreciate any inputs too.


what were the tests for statistical significance you used in each software package then?

I’m guessing Mantel Cox, but both StatView and Graphpad can do Mantel Cox and Gehan-Breslow-Wilcoxon and the answers might vary according to which you use.


Yes, i am performing the Kaplan-Meier analysis and using Mantel-Cox.

Thanks for the heads-up Steve! I will re-analyze the data and hopefully it’s okay then :slight_smile: