container for autoclaving plain-tipped applicators

Can anyone recommend containers for autoclaving plain-tipped applicators?

Applicator’s link:


As far as I can tell, those are just sticks, right? What’s wrong with folding up some aluminum foil around a bunch or putting them in a beaker and covering the top with aluminum foil?

This is what I did yesterday and you will see it is not convenient when you take one out. I wonder if anyone is using a different container for holding the sticks. If you do, please share. It is better to put only a dozen or two dozens in one container.

You could put them in test tubes.

If you have an all singing, all dancing autoclave then use the tips/dry cycle.

OR if you have a much simpler autoclave you can still do the following:

  1. Fill a small beaker with applicators.

  2. Cover beaker with aluminium foil (strong enough to withstand getting holes poked in it).

  3. Tape the lid closed with autoclave tape.

  4. Autoclave it.

  5. Enjoy.

Funny guy ;D

I already ordered autoclavable test tubes with caps from Fisher. Have a great weekend!