could someone help to explain the transgene nomenclature?

i’m really bad at this and want to learn from all of you:

what does this transgene muEx265[HSF-1p::HSF-1 cDNA + myo-3::GFP] mean?

is the GFP only tagged to myo-3? but we can use it as a translational reporter for hsf-1?


muEx265” means it’s an extrachromosomal array (“Ex”) from the lab with the allele designator “mu”; you can look this up and see it’s the Kenyon lab of UCSF. You can find it described in a bit more detail in their publications, for example here.
The part within the brackets describes the contents of the transgene, but different people punctuate differently within those brackets. In this case, two separate constructs have been listed separated by a plus; other people use semicolons, commas, or even spaces. In this case, it’s a hsf-1 cDNA under the control of the hsf-1 promoter, co-injected as two separate constructs along with a myo-3::gfp construct (pPD97.93 per the Kenyon lab page I linked above). The myo-3::gfp is there to identify animals carrying the transgene, it is not translationally fused to HSF-1.
If you open the page for hsf-1 in the new WormBase and look at the Reagents, you can see other transgenes incorporating pieces of hsf-1. You might find mtEx62 of particular interest, or you might want to contact the people who made it to see if they have a non-Rol version of it, or can send you the DNA.