different alive or dead embryo???

Hi all
How can different alive or dead embryo in plate… ???.Becz I treated one drug & got only embryo that not hatching…I would like confirm that whether this embryos dead or alive… ;D

If you view the embryo at compound resolution you will be able to see the worm moving inside of the eggshell if it is live.

An embryo that has stopped progressing for a full day is essentially dead, since it should have advanced to 4 fold stage and hatched within 10 hours or less. Close examination of the arrested embryo might tell you something about the developmental processes that were ongoing at the time of arrest. However, the key issue might be when the embryo first went bad. Multiple incorrect developmental steps may go into the creation of a developmental monster. Some dead embryos may be stuck at the 2 cell stage, or at gastrulation, etc., well before movement is easily visible by light microscope.

One potential explanation for your apparently dead eggs, is that adult hermaphrodites apparently run out of sperm to self-fertilise after approximately 54 hours, therefore any subsequently laid eggs will obviously never hatch. Make sure you use young hermaphrodites to circumvent this in your assays.