Does anyone know how to align an Andor micropoint laser ablation system?

I recently installed a GFP filter on the well-functioning micropoint laser ablation system, which shift the laser focal plane a bit higher than the microscope focal plane. There is a focal ring that can change the laser focal in the Z dimension but it did not help even I push it to the limit. The company does not way to help too much because its out of warranty. I would be really grateful if someone could help me out!

Have you got you system working? If not I can send you some info that will help.


does the difference in laser/specimen focal planes change or stay the same when you move the filter cube through a full cycle? I have read (somewhere in the distant past) that slight inaccuracies in filter cube turrets movement (e.g. turrets containing different filter cubes for ablation and observation) results in misalignments of their dichroic mirrors when the cubes are changed and thus the focal plane of the specimen changes in relation to the focal plane of the laser.

Have you tried other filter set ups to see if this is the case?



Thanks for all the information. We finally got the laser fixed by Andor, costing around 4 thousands. It turns out that the 4 very tiny screws back in the part that connects to the dye cell were off. We were told in the future not to touch these screw because they would change the laser path.

Hey, that’s $1000 for each screw!

Did Andor keep a straight face when they quoted you for the repair? It’s amazing that despite paying out huge sums for equipment nowadays, these firms can’t help with a what was probably a well known technical problem until you agree to pay through the nose a second time!

Time was when research institutions employed skilled people to look after these technical issues…perhaps we’re outsourcing too much? (OK, I’ve finished…I feel much better now)



We had been seeking help from technician in the university and also from some local companies but they did not want to take a look because they did not know about this laser system. The 4 thousands include the training fee plus traveling and hotel. What I was a bit disappointed was that all the training is just to let us know that we should not try to adjust the system before contacting the company. I guess that is usually how business is being done in order to make a living.