Does anyone know the sequence of mig-14(mu71)?

We are trying to genotype the mig-14(mu71) allele, but could find any sequence information about it. Does anyone have any information?
Thanks a lot!

Well, there’s a claim it’s unlikely to be a coding change, in Bänziger et al:

We failed to detect an alteration of the R06B9.6 coding region in the mom-3(mu71) allele ( Harris et al., 1996); however, the mutation may lie in a region important for controlling the transcription of the gene.
Might be hard to track it down, though.


The mutation in mu71 is as follows: ATGTACGCCC (C to T) ATCGCACAAA. This results in the following change in amino acid sequence: LAMYA (P to L) SHK.