drug toxicity test with worms???

dear All
How can I check any drug toxicity with worms…like cell culture we can do MTT test or else…I m new person for worm… ;D…so I would like know that toxicity test with worm… ???

Typically drugs would be assayed by adding them to the culture medium at various concentrations. More commonly, I think the animals are grown in liquid culture for these sorts of assays, often in 96-well dishes. If you are concerned about the bacteria metabolizing the drug, you may find it advantageous to use axenic culture or to kill the bacteria first.

For more detailed information, there are various resources available. Wormbook is often a good place to start, and in particular the chapters on drug discovery seem relevant. The published literature on ivermectin and levamisole drug assays might be similar to the sort of thing you are looking for. And, a couple of quick Google searches turns up a variety of things, for example a Masters thesis for one James Hocker that appears to contain detailed methods for, discussion of, and references for assays for toxicity to C. elegans.