DsRed or mCherry targeted to mitochondria?

Dear colleagues

I will very much appreciate to know if anyone has any construct targeting DsRed or mCherry to mitochondria.

Thank you very much in advance
All the very best

I have a Gateway entry clone that is mito::mCherry, but it hasn’t been published yet.
Are you Gateway-compatible?

If not, there should be a few in Addgene.


If you can’t find one that is ready for use, it should be possible to make one, for example by combining these two previous Wormbase Forum threads.

some fire lab vector like pPD96.32 express a mit::gfp, u can change the gfp with mcherry. i think it will work.

Dear Chris,
I am a post-doc at the Sternberg lab working on mitochondria. I wonder whether it would be possible to obtain the mito::mCherry entry clone you have. I am looking for way to mark mitochondria in red and this seems ideal. I know it is unpublished but still hoping that you are willing to share it.
Thank you in advance for your help,