Eggs at Different Temperature

Hello everyone. I need to prepare eggs for my experiments.
Just curious, are the eggs extracted from worms grown at 25C same with the eggs extracted from worms grown at 16C, in every aspect?
And also, if I prepare eggs from 16C grown worms and then grow them at 25C afterwards or vice versa, will it be same with the eggs extracted and grown at the same temperature?
Much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

certainly the eggs won’t be the same in every aspect, but the differences might not matter for your experiment…
the safest thing to do is to use the same temperature regimen every time, even if it means you have to come in on the weekend sometimes.

Thank you for the replies! :slight_smile:
If I would like to incubate the worms at 16C (easier to catch up with time for maximal egg laying), and keep the eggs extracted later on at 25C for my experiments, is that OK?
Provided I used this setting for every experiment?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

that’s probably ok. but you do need to keep in mind that the temperature shift could induce some adaptive responses that would interfere with certain assays.
so, it really depends on what you are trying to study. if it is some subtle stress effect you could have trouble. however if you are doing plus or minus pharmacological
agents (or something like that) then the magnitude of effect from the treatment could be very large and it wouldn’t matter.

as Eric says, it really depends on what you are wanting to investigate. Is your reason for growing the worms @ 16 degrees purely logistical? Is your reason for running your experiments @ 25 degrees because that temperature is integral to your experiment?

perhaps you could sketch what you are actually doing?


Thank you for the information.
For my experiment, I need to induce some treatment while growing the worms from egg until adult stage (before egg laying begins as I just want to see effect for 1 life cycle), and the treatment is not drug related.
Hope this will help, thanks :slight_smile:

‘Is it bigger than a breadbox?’…this is great, we could also play ‘Twenty Questions’…

Let’s see…are you using RNAi?

Is 25 degrees your restrictive temperature?

Nope, I’m not doing RNAi, and actually I decided to grow them constantly at 16C.
Thank you for the replies again :slight_smile:

I also think it won’t be the same but have no idea about the reason.