embryonic GFP Fire Vector

I’d like to make a GFP fusion for a gene embryonically expressed. Is there a vector available with an embryonically used promotor?

I haven’t used it myself, and I hope someone can provide more directly useful information, but the 1999 Fire Vector kit includes vectors with the pes-10 promoter, about which it gives this description:

pes-10: This promoter is active in the embryo in each of the early somatic lineages as the lineage diverges from the germline. The above constructs are transcriptional fusions and carry the upstream activator sequences from the pes-10 promoter. Note: this promoter segment should not be confused with a shorter minimal promoter segment in some other vectors from this lab that has no activity in isolation but can be activated by numerous enhancers: the pes-10 promoter in L4752 and L4752 is complete in that with no additional enhancer, expression is driven in the early embryonic lineages. Despite the presence of two decoy sequences in these vectors, a small degree of posterior gut activity of the promoters is still present.