Error bars


Can anybody tell me that how can I input error bars like (Standard Error of Mean bar) in the columns of an Excel data sheet?


Hi Sanjib,

i cant get it actually… are u trying to ask on how to calculate for the SEM or SD, or the way in plotting the error bars in the graph ?

well, for the former, you need to get back to statistic course to choose the test.
For the latter, run Microsoft Excel (i am using 2007 version), u can just

  1. click on the “layout” on menu tab,
  2. select “error bars”
  3. choose the one you want (error bars with standard erro/ error bars with percentage/ error bars with standard deviation)
  4. double click on the error bars appeared in the graph.
  5. right click on it, select “format error bars”
  6. u can customize the value of the value bars from there.

hope it helps.

Hi tyrael,

i posted this topic long time the mean time i already figured it out how to do it.

but anyway thanks a lot for your input though…