exfo light bulbs burning out around 500 hours?

We’ve been going through exfo bulb at an alarming rate… in multiple light sources… we sent a few boxes out for servicing, but they didn’t find anything wrong. I’m wondering if maybe a batch of bulbs in the last year are defective? They burn out at 300-600 hours instead of the 2000 hours they say they should last.

We have had the same problem. I contacted the company and sent back the bulb and got a replacement. You might want to try that. You might have to push them on it though, because they seem to not want to honor their 1200 hr warranty.

Hi All,

We had this problem with EXFO bulbs in my lab and again the bulb was fine. However, there is a light guide that goes much more frequently than the bulbs. It turned out that replacing the light guide fixed the problem (replacing the bulb did not).

M. Killeen

Yeah- we change the light guides fairly frequently too- so I know that it’s not the problem… maybe I’ll just try sending the last few expired bulbs back. thanks and I’d still love to hear from more people about the lifetime of their bulbs.