Feeding C. elegans with dead bacteria


We need to feed C. elegans with dead OP50 bacteria (or metabolically inactive). We have read different ways to kill bacteria: heat-shock, freezing, UV-radiation…It seems that killing bacteria by heat-shock is the easiest way (1h at 80ºC) . We would like to know if someone has experience working with OP50 killed by heat-shock, which protocol do you use? How many bacteria still survive the process? And last, feeding worms with killed OP50, does it affect lifespan or brood-size of worms (N2)?

Thanks in advance

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see this paper for deleterious effects of feeding heat killed OP50 ( A vitamin-B2-sensing mechanism that regulates gut protease activity to impact animal’s food behavior and growth | eLife)
This is another way recently described for killing OP50 while keeping them “nutritious”…Commun. Biol., 4 (2021), p. 258).

Many thanks for the information