Fluorescence Microscope

We have a old fluorescence microscope in the lab, and now want to get a new one. what is the popular fluorescence microscope in worm labs? Thanks.

Are you looking for a fluorescence dissecting microscope, or a compound microscope?

Compound microscope. Thanks for your response.

What do you want to do with the scope - screening, analysing or also imaging worms?
Just the scope or also fitted with a new camera - new computer - imaging software?


Thanks for the reply. Only imaging worms and with a camera. No computer is needed.

How many fluorophores/colours do you want to image in one sample/worm - just one at a time or several?
Do you need high magnification (100x)/resolution images?

Thanks. One at time (like GFP) or two at a time (GFP and RFP).
100X is not needed. 40X is good enough.

We bought a Zeiss Axio Imager M2 last year and are happy with it.

Kim - I am wondering why you would want a new scope, as it appears like you don’t have high requirements for magnification/resolution.
Sometimes, buying new (fluorescence) filter sets (as they deteriorate over time) and maybe a new objective (should it be scratched) can rejuvenate an ‘old’ microscope.
Unless it lacks parafocality when switching between objectives I would consider refurbishing it.

If you anyway want to buy a new one, for 40x, I would go for a scope that has no motorisation. A purely mechanic scope is less likely to break down and one can also work quicker.

The manufacturers bring constantly new products out. Thus, I would suggest to contact the big 4 (Leica,Nikon,Olympus & Zeiss) with your requirements and see what they offer.
In any case, I would ask for a demo. Usually, sales-reps try to sell you more than required. Hence, contemplate carefully whether you need everything they recommend.

The Zeiss Axio Imager is a nice scope - if you wanted to do 100x, 2 colour imaging it would be one of my top choices - but for 40x it’s presumably far beyond your requirements.