Fluorescent markers for transgenic arrays

Hi. Any thoughts about useful fluorescent co-injection markers that are expressed brightly in a very limited number of cells, such as a few head neurons? Looking for a few green/red markers that won’t interfere with analyzing expression in other parts of the worm. Preferably available through adgene.
Thanks. David (davidfay@uwyo.edu)

ceh-28::gfp is bright and in the larva and adult it is restricted to the M4 neuron.

(not available at Addgene, I think)

Some people use ttx-3::gfp to mark the AIY neurons as a coinjection marker.

AMsh glial markers are strong, if you don’t need to visualize anything around until pharynx/intestine boundary.

Not in the head, but perhaps also interesting - lin-44p::GFP is pretty bright and restricted to the tip of the tail. Doesn’t seem to be available on Addgene though…