fluorescent worms youtube channel

Greetings !

I started to wonder if I could use this forum to ‘agitate’ for the following community project :

While uploading the worm videos into youtube channel, it occurred to we could possibly generate the valuable community resource using the youtube to share and present the fluorescent worm movies. Thought, the fluorescent video-binocular movies/files captured on plates with transgenic worm lines expressing the specific fluorescent protein fusions must exist on hard-drives in many worm labs … who would be a winner and contribute most ? Ideally than, if you have movies stored in yours lab, would you consider (or yours PI) making those available through the ‘fluorescent worm youtube channel’ ? Think this would be great to have such a reference movie database (for aesthetic reasons for example) but also for practical reasons i.e. facilitating the fluorescent protein transgenic lines identification (after thawing or when worms arrived from another lab) and improving the overall quality control over the available reporter expression patterns (but also for fair number of other reasons).

Now, if I have convinced you with the reasoning over the above paragraph and you would be willing to contribute with yours movies of the fluorescent c.elegans lines, please either respond to this post (that will help to evaluate how many worm lines we could possibly got as a community in a first-pass effort or just upload what you have into youtube channel and post the video url as a response here (with the description / identity including the gene name/ of the reporter gene fusion captured and credits for the lab of origin).

Still in a doubt ? Than, please follow the example of the fluorescent worm movie already available in youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-86OQgcMT) and have a nice day. If you have any other thoughts or comments on the project in subject I am agitating for - please do share those as well !

I don’t really get the use of just having a stockpile of videos to make a ‘marker’ database. WormBase has a great deal of information regarding transgene expression patterns, and the ability to search by cell type to find a marker (a published marker, too).