Free access to Special C. elegans issue of the Journal of Neurogenetics

The Journal of Neurogenetics would like to announce that the special C. elegans issue in honor of Sydney Brenner and John Sulston is now online ( The entire issue is also freely available for a period of time to promote the special issue and in keeping with the information-sharing tradition of the C. elegans community. The managing editor, Ian Blackford, is graciously proposing that all articles will be freely accessible for about 6 months.

The perspectives from Marty Chalfie, Cathy Rankin, Tony Stretton, Bob Waterston and Don Moerman, and John White also make the issue a good resource for sharing valuable stories about Sydney Brenner and John Sulston and about the early years of our community. We hope that this issue that documents the development of the C. elegans neurogenetics field, from infancy to maturity, will serve as a resource and inspiration to the worm community.