Gap junctions between excretory and duct cells?

Wormatlas states "Gap junctions exist between the excretory canals and the adjacent hypodermis as well as between the excretory cell and the duct cell, the excretory cell and the pore cell, and the duct and pore cells (White, 1988). However in White (1988) it states “There are gap junctions between the excretory cell and the hypodermal syncytium and also between the duct cell and the pore cell.” I appreciate the Ex and duct cells are connected via the sec-exc junction but are there gap junctions in addition?

White J. 1988. The Anatomy. In The nematode C. elegans (ed. W. B. Wood).

I guess so:

(see the section on innexins in the excretory system (also the cited Nelson et al., 1983 article).

Many thanks - paper still doesn’t really answer the question directly though. I guess I’ll cite the classic Nelson & Riddle 1983 paper.