Gas cylinders for bunsen burners

Has anyone tried using gas cylinders (such as the Fireboy eco-sterilizer) with bunsen burners, instead of plumbed natural gas? We are planning a new building, and the architects are suggesting we eliminate piped natural gas in the labs for safety reasons. Thanks for sharing.

even if you only have one gas cylinder per room it will still need plumbing…I’m guessing it’s for cost reasons

It is possible to use an alcohol lamp (and thus no plumbing of any sort) - but the flame is much smaller and less hot than that from a Bunsen burner, and so sterilizing your pick requires more attention (especially hard if you are nearsighted and normally wear glasses).

Don’t want to sound like a sell person, but I had a rep bring me a flyer about some sort of infared sterlizer, that just plugs in. Its called Biomega bactisantizer and I think genesee sells it. Don’t know anything else about it and haven’t tried it myself, might be worth look into in your situation!

I was interested and looked at a picture of one. Something like this?

It seems to me that your pick will need to be quite long if you wanted to stick your pick into that device. I think an alcohol lamp would be a better (safer?) alternative.

We’ve recently moved to a new building, and are using simple camping gas cylinders as bunsens - just a butane-propane mix. Works fine - if only the lighters didn’t keep disappearing though!

In Japan, most worm breeders use this portable burner.
It costs $300 in Japan, but it is very handy and safe.
You may be able to buy this in US from this link.