gender selection or sterilization proticols

I am just starting with C. Elegans and was wondering if anyone was aware of protocols that allow you to select males only or to sterilize the worms so I can follow one generation of worm through a long term study (10 days or so)?

A couple of methods have been reported for the isolation of large quantities of males: a filtration approach, a long time ago (first hyperlink on page; Worm Breeders Gazette links don’t embed well) and several approaches using mutant strains (page 19). There may also be approaches using RNAi.

For the second question, people studying lifespan often use FUDR, as can be seen in these search results, to interfere with the viability of the progeny of treated animals. You should of course make sure FUDR treatment doesn’t affect the results of your assays. You can probably also find RNAi feeding or soaking treatments that kill developing embryos.

Thank you for the insight.