Gene locus internal UTR?

Interesting locus that might benefit from additional wet lab input.

This gene locus W05B5.1 (WS226) contains what appears to be an internal 3’ UTR (UTRome and Waterston RNASeq data).

The locus has been annotated to produce 7 alternate isoforms, the majority of which posses the characteristic 5’ degradation with the utilistation of alternate start codons (The majority of which are identified through alternate SL1 sites).

Isoform W05B5.1f appears to splice into a novel exon which causes premature truncation of the 3’ end when following UTRome and RNASeq data.

Here is a curators Fmap image of the region.

note: The isoform (W05B5.1g) that utilises the entire novel isoform is missing from the above image.