generating mutant worm

hi everyone,
i am looking for a protocol or some advice on how to generate mutant worms. our lab is quite new in using the C. elegans as model system and unfortunately, the protein that i want to work on has no mutant available in CGC yet :’(. most of the protocols i’ve encountered for generating deletion mutant worms were mostly using large-screen mutagenesis.
thanks for your suggestions. :wink:

Hey, Teana,

if there is no mutant available and you do not want to set up a large screen maybe RNAi is your method of coice.

Hi Teana,
You can request Dr. Mitani (National Bioresourse Project, Japan) to screen mutant for your favorite gene (Yes, its free but limited to one request per researcher). Navigate to the following link for further information:
Dr. Mitani’s group is doing excellent job and I hope you get the deletion mutant of your favorite gene. Good luck!

Guna, thank you for your suggestion. i will try to request a screening for a deletion mutant from Dr. Mitani. :slight_smile:
WiebkeAnna, thanks. we are already using RNAi but it’s known that RNAi effect is not 100% knockout of the gene expression and some animals are quite resistant to the RNAi effect… so we want to do some functional assays on animals which does not express my gene of interest.

Be aware that it can take quite a while until the Mitani lab get around screening their collection for your favourite gene. His service is so popular that there is quite a backlog.
So for the moment, RNAi is your best bet. You can use RT-PCR to estimate the extent of knockdown of your gene of interest to determine how well it works in your case.