Getting all protein sequences (isoform including) for C elegans

Hello All,

I’m trying to download all protein sequences (isoform including) for C elegans.
Is this the best URL to download?

parasite dot wormbase dot org slash ftp dot html

I’m getting around 27K proteins from that FTP link.

However, when I’m querying the following URL:

wormbase dot org slash search slash protein slash *?species =c_elegans

I’m getting around 80K hits. “80K Proteins found (0.017 seconds)”

Can somebody tell what is behind this discrepancy? Is in the later case some “other” non-protein hits are included? I’m also having difficulty in downloading the 80K entries, hence cant see the contents.

Thanks in advance

I’m not a bioinformatics expert but my non-expert recommendation would be that you download the current protein set, which has about 28,500 entries.
go to and then get /pub/wormbase/species/c_elegans/sequence/protein/c_elegans.PRJNA13758.WS285.protein.fa.gz