Getting cDNAs


I would like to get some cDNAs in particular that I found at CGC (EC006889 and EC004718).
It seems that a company called Exelixis used to distribute them, but they do not anymore.
Does anyone has an idea if there is another way to get them?

GE Dharmacon, bearer of one of the most bizarre and oxybleepic <cool forum insert!> corporate names ever, bought Open biosystems a few years back, and is still distributing ORFeome and RNAi clones (and “promoters”>. Poke around the website for your clone of interest. Obviously they don’t have everything.

Also, in the era of cheap gene synthesis, I would seriously consider just making your own using your vendor of choice (I do Reverse transcriptase, used to make traditional cDNAs, is notoriously more error prone than plain old Taq-based PCR, much less a proofreading polymerase. Why bother? I’ve had too many yk cDNAs, or those I’ve made myself, with errors that I’ve had to fix. You can get IDT gBlocks for up to 2000 bp for $329, and $149 for a 1000 bp. Do the calculations and that is worth it, especially since the GE clones will cost you $115