GFP:KDEL marker strain?

I am after a strain with ubiquitous expression of a green ER marker, e.g gfp:KDEL. There are none on CGC- can anyone help?

Have you looked at Lee et al 2016, which mentions using WH327 and other reporter strains?

Thanks I have, but those use germline-specific promoters…

Sorry, I missed that you needed it to be ubiquitous. What about Muñoz-Lobato et al? They claim this:

DNJ-27 also displays a ubiquitous expression pattern. Thus, Pdnj-27::GFP is mainly expressed in pharynx and vulval cells with weaker expression in other tissues, such as body wall muscle cells, intestine, gonad sheath cells, rectum, and hypodermis
and they have a reporter Pdnj-27::dnj-27::YFP::KDEL