Glow Worms fundraiser

Dear worm research community,

Glow Worms is a course-based undergraduate research education (CURE) curriculum at The University of Texas at Austin. We create RFP or GFP knock-ins for human orthologs and share them via the CGC, as well as develop CRISPR resources and protocols for worms.

We are crowdfunding to raise money to send some of our undergraduates to the 24th International C. elegans Conference in Glasgow this summer:

We’ve received generous donations from 45 worm PIs so far (as well as some awesome postdocs and others!). THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who have made donations. We are currently at 25% of our goal of $15K, which would support the cost of travel, housing, and meeting registration for at least 5 undergraduate students.

If you are willing and able to make a donation, you would be supporting some amazingly nerdy undergrads that are very excited about the possibility of attending their first ever worm meeting. Remember how excited/nervous you were for your first worm meeting? Only to discover how incredibly supportive and friendly the worm community is? Any donation amount welcome. With a network the size of the worm community, donations add up quickly! Thank you for your time and/or support!

We cannot post links here, so either Google HornRaiser or see our Twitter or IG feeds at the handle below. The HornRaiser platform is a University of Texas at Austin crowdfunding application that is safe and secure. Thank you!

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