Group Leader position - EMBL Developmental Biology Unit

Advertised at the following link, please find the announcement for a Group Leader position in the Developmental Biology Unit at the EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany.

We are seeking to recruit an outstanding young scientist (biologist, physicist), ideally using a genetic model organism and combined approaches to answer basic questions in developmental biology. The Developmental Biology Unit enjoys close interactions and collaborates with the Cell Biology and Biophysics, Gene Expression and Structural and Computational Biology Units at EMBL-Heidelberg, as well as with the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute in Hinxton (UK), the EMBL-Structural Biology Units in Hamburg (Germany) and Grenoble (France), and the EMBL-Mouse Biology unit in Monterotondo (Italy).

The Developmental Biology Unit studies the development of multicellular organisms, from the cellular to the whole organism level, with a particular interest in the dynamics of developmental processes. Research in the unit is highly interdisciplinary and combines genetic, biochemical, cell biological, genomic/proteomic, comparative, and innovative computational modelling and imaging approaches. Current research topics include cell fate specification and polarity, morphogenesis and organogenesis, neurodevelopment, evolution, genome organization and RNA based control of development. We are looking for outstanding candidates addressing fundamental principles of organismal development and their mechanistic basis.

The EMBL, with its main laboratory in Heidelberg, and outstations at 4 other sites in Europe, offers an ideal, highly interdisciplinary environment and excellent conditions for young scientists to launch their independent career. The EMBL International PhD Programme (EIPP; ) is recognized as among the best in the Life Sciences in Europe and has the right to award its own PhD degree. EMBL also runs a vibrant Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Programme (EIPOD; that promotes synergistic interactions and highly innovative research at the forefront of biology.

EMBL-Heidelberg has its own on-site day-care and kindergarten facilities. Heidelberg is an international university town and is the home of many highly-reputed research institutes and centers. Frankfurt International Airport is only 45 minutes away.