Growing Xenorhabdus nematophila & Drechmeria coniophora

Hello everyone!

Can anyone share how they culture Xenorhabdus nematophila in the lab? Based on the literature, I am seeing that this bacteria grows between 28C-30C on LB with 0.1% sodium pyruvate. Can anyone confirm this? Lastly, can you share how you exposed your worms to this pathogen. (short-term or chronic exposure, on liquid vs agar, etc.)

The same inquiries apply to the Drechmeria coniophora fungi.


You can find detailed protocols for the culture of Drechmeria and several other pathogens here:

In the one study we performed with Xenorhabdus (, we grew the bacteria in ordinary LB at 30C, plated it onto NGM agar and carried out chronic infections. I would recommend, however, that you follow more recent protocols, or ask Robbie Rae (