heat shock method?

I have hsp16.2+ gene-A (Heat shock plasmid with cDNA insert of gene-A) and I am trying to see the effect of over-expression of gene-A on gene-B::gfp expression.
The expression of gene-B::gfp is 4 hours after hatching. I don’t know when is the best time to heat shock the worms and how many times heat shock and when is the ideal time to gfp examination of the worm (containing hsp 16.2+gene-A and gene-B::gfp).

I would be grateful, if you can help or address me to someone or somewhere which can be helpful.

Starting p as :
Transgenic worm lines could be heat shocked for four times,
each round being 33 degree for 30 min followed by 20
degree for 4h.

you can heat shock for 4 hr then see the expression BUT at our lab we found that maximum expression of heat shock for pc-72, hsp-16 is at 7 hr at 30 C AND FOR CDCL2 IS 24 HR AT 25 C.