Is there anyone who knows how to measure the amount of total protein, sugar and lipid in an egg? And is there a strain that is only sensetive to somatic cell RNAi

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Here is another question: is rrf-3 germlinesensetive to RNAi?

I’ve never seen the strain, but ppw-1 looks promising for soma-specific RNAi, according to this paper. More recent work from the Rockman lab appears to suggest that CB4856 might be even better, as they indicate that CB4856 contains additional loci other than ppw-1 contributing to a germline-RNAi-defective phenotype.

Also, rrf-3 mutants should be sensitive to RNAi in the germline - certainly, if you look at Simmer et al, they got phenotypes when they fed RNAi targeting genes reported to function in the germline.

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