Highly expressed pseudogene

This C.elegans Pseudogene seems to be one of the top 10 most highly expressed genes when looking at corresponding_transcript data.

F07H5.5 (WBGene00014309) has:
~900 transcripts,
SL1 and SL2 splice leader evidence,
complexed intron/exon like structure,
but it doesn’t appear to be a CDS by virtue of multiple inframe stop codons in multiple exons.

It also doesn’t look like anything else in the genome as when you BLAT the predicted cDNA of F07H5.5 against the genome there is only a match. There is also little/no protein homology to this locus.

Any thoughts as to what’s going on here ???, it seems that allot of effort is being wasted in producing transcripts from this locus.

I wanted to look at the ESTs for this gene, but not luck. Even though I limit the display to 25 ESTs,
it keeps timing out on me. ??? :frowning:

I didn’t try the genome browser to make sure you could view this gene :frowning:


If you wait for the query to time out and then display a smaller region, you can get it to load.

Not ideal as you can’t view the full locus but better than nothing :wink:


There are several genes in this region that have got high expression scores from the tiling microarray expression data

K08F8.6 (CDS) - averaging about 10
F07H5.3a/b (pseudogene) - averaging about 12.5
F07H5.4 (pseudogene) - averaging abuot 12
F07H5.5a/b (pseudogene) -averaging about 13.5 !
F07H5.13 (CDS) - averaging about 10