"How can I access the sources or references for the gene descriptions?"

"I’m interested in the gene descriptions for Homo Sapiens provided by the Alliance of Genome Resources. Is it possible to access the sources or references for these gene descriptions? For instance, when reading about TP53, I noticed it is linked to various diseases such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome, carcinoma, and gastrointestinal system cancer. While these facts are well established, I believe it would be beneficial to include references such as PubMed IDs or sources for each statement, similar to what UniProt does. Is there a way to retrieve this information in bulk for each gene summary?

Hi Zain, currently we don’t provide references for the gene descriptions as these are generated based on primary data that can be found on gene pages at the Alliance, eg., Disease associations, GO associations, and other data on the gene page for TP53 that have their own references. Further, in many cases we process this primary data such as using a more general ontology term when there are several terms that the gene is annotated to, trimming the terms for readability, etc. The “?” tool tip next to the “Automated Description” label describes this process. However, we can think about adding the appropriate references in the future, as users have expressed interest in this.