How to treat worms with both a drug and RNAi by feeding?

Hello all,

I have been trying to knockdown a specific gene in the worm by RNAi by feeding and then to see how these worms react to a specific drug seeded in worm plates. Since we seed the plates with IPTG for inducing RNAi, can I possibly add the drug (dissolved in water) to that plate sequentially, or perhaps there is a better way to do this experiment? Thank you for your suggestions/advice.

There isn’t that much IPTG in the plate, so I don’t see why that would affect anything. It would really depend on how much drug you’re talking about, how expensive it is, how stable it is, and how long you need it to work. If it’s a short behavior experiment, we move the animals to the +drug plate for an hour or so and measure. I don’t think the IPTG would be doing anything in such a short interval. For long term, just add the drug to your existing media and make sure whatever effect you expect to see persists and remains as potent. Assuming it doesn’t kill the bacteria, you should be fine.