hsf-1(sy441)- over 90% "bag of worms"

hi there, i have over 90% “worm-bagging” in my hsf-1(sy441) strain at 20°C. i received the strain from cgc recently. is that normal?

Hi There
We also got the hsf-1(sy441) from CGC recently and although we do see some worms that have an increased number of eggs in the uterus compared to wt and that indeed some of them eventually become bagged, certainly it is not 90%.
hope it helps

thanks amirviz for your answer. but why do i see such a strong bagging on RNAi plates? in my controls fed bacteria carrying the empty vector! what does promote bagging? agar plates too dry? carbenicillin concentration (100 µg/ml)? something wrong with the HT115 bacteria carrying the empty vector? i appreciate any comments…
cheers, oldcoffee

Do you mean you are growing your hsf-1 (sy441) in HT115 with empty pL4440 and then you see the phenotype? Have you tried to grow the same mutant in OP50 or HT-115 alone, with no empty vector?
If in these new conditions you do not reproduce the phenotype then you have an interaction with the empty vector (which has been proposed by others that it can have some side effects)
hope it helps