Humidified incubator

Im kinda confused about the humidified incubator stated at the article for keeping the C elegans neuron and muscle cell culture. it said that “Keep cultures in small sealed Tupperware containers lined with wet paper towels during seeding and throughout the culture period to prevent evaporation of culture medium.” Then this article also said “Keep the Tupperware containers in a humidified incubator at room temperature and ambient air”. The questions here are :

  1. how must I place the wet paper towel?
  2. Is it humidified incubator at room temperature = 22-27°C incubator? Which temp that suitable for culture the embryo of C elegans?
  3. What it means by ambient air? Is it related to the CO2 incubator?

Perhaps it is an 22-27°C incubator with CO2. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.

Seems pretty straightforward:

Just wet some paper towels and put them in the bottom of the tupperware container. Put your dishes/plates with cells on top. I’ve put a little syrofoam bed on top of the wet towels to keep the plates dry, as long as you can still get moisture movement.

The incubator is anything that can keep temperature from 22-27°C.

Ambient air means do not use 5% or other CO2. Just air–like what you use for your worm incubator.

Thanx Kevinem…

Which temperature you use for your cell?
So the ambient air nothing to do with CO2 right? We can just use the normal incubator without CO2. Am I right?

I don’t do this myself, although a former member of our lab has. He just used our 20°C worm incubator (no added CO2). I assume a 25°C would be fine, too, although maybe not quite as good.